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Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen! 

Thank you so much for visiting my site! My name is Kamsan (San). I am a licensed tour guides for Angkor Archaeological Park and other tourism sites around Cambodia for almost 10 years.  I have prepared with the needs of all travelers in mind. We try to provide exciting and amazing tours for independent adventurers. My current job is amazing because I can tell the rich-cultural heritages to the world.

I was born in 1972 during the war. Most parts of Cambodia were bombed killing so many people. When I was just 3 years old, the Khmer Rouge (Known as Killing Field) started to control Cambodia from 1975 to 1979. I was dying of hunger like million people as well. Two of my brothers were killed during the Khmer Rouge time. After the Khmer Rough, Cambodia was controlled by Communists. In 1982, I started my school under the tree. I learned how to write my first Cambodian ABC on the ground because of chalk, blackboard, book, pen & pencil were not available. I started my English when I was 16 years old in my homeland. My Cambodian English teacher, classmates and I were arrested because we were not allowed to learn English. Life is struggling! When I was a student, I always did some jobs to support my family as well as my study! After schooling, I went to the rice field to help parents. Later on, I worked as a cake seller by selling many kinds of cakes from one village to another. When I moved to Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia, to pursue my university, I started teaching English. Not only I could improve my English a lot because of teaching, but I was able to earn enough to support my study! I spent weekend time to voluntarily teach computer lessons to the poor/orphans at Khmer Association. As soon as I finished my university, I got a job as Sponsorship Assistant for World Vision - Cambodia, then I became the Building Relations Manager for Plan International. From 2005 to now, I've been a tour guide. 

I am married with 3 children. They are Vorak (11), Sreyneath (9) and Sreypov (6). Because of your support, they all can go to English class now. I speak English with them at home so their English is improving quickly. I am proud of them. 

I am available to attend to your sightseeing and activity requirements.

We have many years experience organizing treks and cycle trips all around Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Best Angkor Guide is the tourism business website was created and operated by San in order to assist your planning trip to navigate through enchanting Angkor Wat and its many spectacular temples and countryside.

If you have me as a guide then I will promise to work hard and try my best to provide you with exciting, amazing, independent and adventurous tours, full of unforgettable memory and experience. Thank you and hope to see you soon!